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InspireWorks is a human-centered consulting company that offers a holistic approach to Career Coaching & Transition, Training & Development, Employment Support, Branding/Self Promotion and Human Resources Consulting, including Employee Engagement, Team Building, and Recruitment & Selection.

If you are a professional or entrepreneur ready to take your career or business to the next level – or a forward-thinking employer who wants to enhance employee engagement & performance to create a more collaborative culture or drive your business objectives, then I can help.

Whether you are not achieving your full potential or you are simply striving to find a more values-driven, meaningful career, I will work alongside you to help connect with your strengths and values – empowering you to move forward in reaching your goals.

As a Certified Personality Dimensions Facilitator with a background in Psychology, I take a more holistic approach to consulting by integrating the influence of temperament or personality and its significant impact on our values, our career satisfaction, and ultimately, our success. Personality Dimensions is a registered trademark of Career/ LifeSkills Resources Inc.Personality-Temperament-Types

Being an independent consultant, I am also able to pass real savings onto you through offering the same professional services at a more reasonable rate. And, unlike funded programs that are often limited in scope, depth and availability, I am able to offer the flexibility of a full range of services – tailored to your specific needs at a time convenient to you.

If you know you have untapped potential and crave something more, I’d be happy to connect and collaborate! With over 15 years of experience coaching and empowering thousands of professionals to align their strengths, passion & purpose for a more inspired career, I can leverage this experience to empower you to achieve yours!

Tammy Murray Reid  BSc

Halifax, Nova Scotia CA


Embracing Creative Conflict in the Workplace, InspireWorks Consulting

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2 months ago

InspireWorks Consulting

Such an inspiring profession with no doubt a lot of heartache and a lot of triumph. Thank goodness for such strong yet kind-hearted folks... I'm truly grateful for Dr. Carnegy at Carnegy Animal Hospital who gives #CassiAndLeila such tender care.Saturday April 27th is World Veterinary Day, and we thought we would start celebrating a little early!
Becoming a veterinarian is a long process that generally begins somewhere in high school. A strong background ( employee or volunteer) in a veterinary hospital, shelter, farm work or other animal related field is encouraged in potential applicants, and many will begin this first step as teenagers. Then there is the initial university degree, followed by very stiff competition as a veterinary student applicant. It can be more difficult to be admitted to veterinary school than medical school- after all, science and animals together sounds like a pretty fantastic career choice to a lot of people!
Once admitted to veterinary school there is another 4 years of very challenging education. Some veterinarians will choose to further that with specialties or internships. And then, after graduation, more education! As a matter of fact, the education never ends. Not only is every single case and patient an opportunity to expand and build upon knowledge, but formal continuing education conferences and programs are a part of every veterinarian's life.

It is a hard job and not for everyone. Exhausting. Late nights. No lunch breaks. Endless concern and worry over patients and their owners. Lots of time spent researching treatment plans, medications, new ideas. Tears and sadness and frustration. But also joy - so much of it. Happy moments. Times when they know that all the hard work paid off, right in that very moment. Moments of gratitude, both by the veterinarian and for them. Moments when they know that all the countless hours and years spent not just becoming a veterinarian but becoming a good veterinarian, a knowledgeable, dedicated, compassionate, useful member of this incredible profession brings a sense of pride and a feeling of a job well done.
So hats off to all the kids who say "I want to be a veterinarian!" and then make it happen. Hats off to all the people who choose this hard but rewarding path. There is so much more to being a veterinarian than just loving animals, and it takes a special person indeed to see it through ❤❤❤
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2 months ago

InspireWorks Consulting

Love to see that entrepreneurial spirit in our youth! ... See MoreSee Less

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