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Stop the Social Media Slavery!

It never ceases to amaze me just how much time can be eaten up with all forms of social media and the latest time-saving applications.  We’ve all been there – the quarterly HST remittance is almost due, everything on your desk is waiting for your attention – less stimulating administration, forecasting, and cash flows, not to mention the much needed business development calls, writing and scheduling – but wait…just one more notification to check, one more post to be commented on or liked, just one more tweet,  just one more intriguing article from Forbes, Entrepreneur or the Pulse.

Before we realize it, 2 hours have passed and what have we to show for it? We can all get easily caught up in social media slavery, yes, slavery – something from which we cannot easily extricate ourselves.

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Temperament-related Stress at Work

We often know deep in our gut if we are on the right path but sometimes, when we are off track, we choose to ignore it due to conflicting priorities which can cause undue and ongoing stress. While we all experience stress to some degree due to the everyday concerns of work, responsibilities and family life, temperament-related stress runs even deeper – not only can it be all-consuming – it can be debilitating and, ultimately, lead to intense career dissatisfaction, burnout and even physical or mental health conditions such as depression.


Are we following a path that aligns with our core values?

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