Temperament-related Stress at Work

We often know deep in our gut if we are on the right path but sometimes, when we are off track, we choose to ignore it due to conflicting priorities which can cause undue and ongoing stress. While we all experience stress to some degree due to the everyday concerns of work, responsibilities and family life, temperament-related stress runs even deeper – not only can it be all-consuming – it can be debilitating and, ultimately, lead to intense career dissatisfaction, burnout and even physical or mental health conditions such as depression.

Are we following a path that aligns with our core values?

Are we following a path that aligns with our intrinsic values and gives us meaning? Or are we in conflict with our fundamental nature?
Being in touch with our core needs can help us take control of our lives by being selective in what we pursue. Focusing the bulk of our energies and intentions in the right place, in line with our temperament, can rejuvenate our energy and ignite our passion.

Is it time for a check-in for you, or your team, to explore your core needs, values, motivators and stressors? Denying nature doesn’t nurture. Knowing more about what we truly want and value can lead us in the right direction to help us design a life and career that’s right for us, ultimately deepening our own fulfillment and inner contentment.